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Where Are You Now?

Under Investigation / Warrants

Do you have potential or imminent legal problems? If so, hiring a defense lawyer is a smart move. Our defense lawyers can get control of a bad situation, and protect you from some of the worst outcomes.

If you are under surveillance, have been questioned by police, or have an outstanding warrant you need a defense lawyer to stand between you and the system. We can speak with the police on your behalf, protect you from mistakes that help police, and generally prepare to handle whatever charges they threaten to put on you.

Call for a confidential discussion with a lawyer. We can advise you on what to do, and what not to do. If you are arrested, all you have to say is, "I don't want to answer any questions. I want to speak with my lawyer", Then call our law firm to enlist our services.

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Arrested or Charged with a Crime

Being arrested is not the same as being charged with a crime. You can be arrested on the belief that you may have committed a crime. The prosecutor's office later decides whether or not to file charges.

Do not say anything to the police about your situation other than, "I don't want to answer any questions. I want to speak with my lawyer". The police can advise you on your ability to get bail money. Next, call our law firm to enlist the help of a top defense lawyer in Cherokee County (we represent clients across all of north Georgia).

Bonding out. For minor charges, like a DUI arrest, you can probably get out of jail in a few hours. For felony charges, you will have a bond hearing within 72 hours. We can represent you at your bond hearing. We can meet with you in person at the jail if necessary.

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Restrictions, Probation, Appeals

Need help with problems occurring after you thought your situation was settled? We know how to get arrest records restricted, file appeals for wrongful conviction and sentencing errors, and intervene for alleged parole and probation violations.

Have probation or parole problems? Whether you've violated your terms, had a misunderstanding, or something happened outside of your control, we can help you. As criminal defense attorneys we can contact your probation or parole officer to discuss your situation and seek a favorable solution.

Trying to move forward and need records sealed? In Georgia, it is sometimes possible to get criminal records restricted, meaning they won't show up on common public records background checks. If you want to put it all behind you, contact us to discuss what we can do.

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What should I do now?

Contact a lawyer immediately if you have been, or expect to be, charged with a crime. Firstly, it is your right to have a defense attorney fight for you. If you are not represented by a criminal lawyer, the police and prosection have a huge advantage. From police interviews and documents they pressure you to sign, they are building a case against you. Do not talk with police without your lawyer present.

What results can I expect?

There are no guarantees for results in criminal cases. During your consultation we can provide you with a reasonable range of potential outcomes. Every case has it's own unique circumstances. If you're reading this you already know you need a lawyer. Call or contact us online for a consultation to get a professional opinion on the severity of your situation.

What if I don't hire a lawyer?

For a court appearance your options are represent yourself, have a court-appointed public defender, or hire a lawyer. To get a public defender you may be required to prove an inability to pay for a private lawyer. If the court denies your request for a public defender you must defend yourself or hire a lawyer. People who represent themselves rarely like the outcome. If you don't hire a lawyer (or get a public defender) you are at the mercy of the prosecution.

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