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Sex Crimes Defenses

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Defense

Defending charges for sexual offenses requires great expertise

From the moment you were detained and arrested every decision that you make can make a difference in how your case develops. If you have been charged arrested, or are being investigated for a crime, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney to get control of your situation. Real life is totally unlike what you see on television. Sex crimes charges often bring harsh results in court. As your legal representation we will aggressively argue for dismissal or a negotiated plea to better control your case. The key for every client charged with a sex crime is to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible.

After an arrest for a sex crime you should be concerned not only about the present situation, but also about the extreme risk to your safety and life if you are convicted and sent to prison. Anyone facing sex crimes charges has a lot to fear and a lot to lose.

You should take advantage of our CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION to discuss your case and learn what we can do to defend you against an aggressive prosecutor. After your initial consultation you will better understand the true severity of your situation, and how important it is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

A criminal conviction is a lifelong record. If you are convicted of a crime, even a seemingly minor offense, it has far reaching effects, and can cause long lasting personal damage. A criminal record can prevent you from getting a good job, cause loss of certain rights, and make you ineligible for some benefits. A criminal conviction typically includes fines, lengthy community service, and time in a jail or prison. The tales you've heard about jail time or life in prison are probably true. Don't gamble with your future, call us now.

Grisham, Poole & Carlile specializes in only criminal defense law. We are criminal defense experts. Our criminal defense experience ranges from representing clients charged with serious felonies to common misdemeanors such as DUI or disorderly conduct. We both jury trials and non-jury trials. When you hire Grisham, Poole & Carlile you have taken a solid step towards achieving a successful outcome.

Prison is no place to be. As your criminal defense attorney, our purpose is to help you walk away from all criminal charges. We feel that it is our obligation to fight for dismissal of all charges, win an acquittal or not guilty verdict. We understand how much is at stake.

We do not believe that our purpose is to negotiate a guilty plea, however if this is what you choose to do, we can represent you to seek minimal penalties or alternative sentencing options.

If you are being investigated for, or charged with, any type of sex crime we recommend calling our law office as soon as possible. We understand the urgency of the matter, and respond quickly to all calls and online inquiries to hire a criminal defense lawyer. To get control of your situation CALL 678-880-9360 for a STRATEGIC APPOINTMENT with a sex crimes defense attorney in Canton GA.