Drug Crime Lawyers

Drug Crime Lawyer

From the moment you were detained and arrested every decision that you make can make a difference in how your drug charges case develops. If you have been charged, arrested, or are being investigated for a drug related crime, you need to contact a drug crimes defense attorney to get control of your situation.

Any drug charges are typically brought to court in order to achieve a stiff sentence rather than negotiate an insignificant plea. The courts want to set an example, and deter the accused of continuing any involvement in drugs. Whether it is misdemeanor marijuana possession, possession of a controlled substance or the serious felonies such as manufacturing meth or major drug trafficking, drug charges in Georgia are serious business.

Federal Drug Crime Lawyers

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients needing state and federal drug charges defense. This is a very important credential to consider when searching for a drug crimes lawyer. Many state drug cases evolve to also include federal charges. If this happens, you need a defense lawyer that can manage both state charges and federal charges. We are that defense law firm.

Most drug arrests can provide the prosecutor for the opportunity to bring several charges which complicates the defense process. As your drug crimes defense attorney it is important that we get started as quickly as possible to intervene with the prosecutor’s office and learn what evidence they have on you.

Whenever possible we want to get evidence dismissed early and then focus on what is left for the prosecutor to use. By stripping away evidence, it places a greater burden of proof on the prosecutor, and opens up the jury to agree to "reasonable doubt". Your best chance to beat drug charges is to call us immediately, set an appointment with an attorney, and begin your drug charges defense.

Cocaine Charges

Cocaine Lawyer, whether it is crack cocaine, powder cocaine or cocaine trafficking you are in serious trouble. Georgia is very tough on any type of drug crimes, however certain drugs become high profile cases in the prosecutors office. Law enforcement typically does extensive investigations to find any personal ties or connections to the situation, and then turn each person against the other. It is important to get adequate defense representation to prevent additional, or wrongful charges form being added to any current charges.

Controlled Substance Lawyer

Controlled Substance Charges can be brought against even "average citizens" simply because they were carrying prescription drugs outside of their properly labeled container. In other circumstances, people are caught with prescription drugs for which they do not have a prescription or appropriate container. Every controlled substance charge or controlled substance arrest needs to be carefully reviewed for opportunities to explain why the charges should not be pursued, or fight the legality of the search done by police.

Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug Manufacturing, Distribution or Trafficking charges can be investigated by local law enforcement as well as the GBI, FBI, DEA or ATF. Persons arrested for these crimes who are also in possession of firearms are certainly facing additional charges. Knowing that law enforcement will be conducting an extensive and intense investigation means that anyone arrested for these charges needs to immediately hire a criminal defense attorney. Anything you say can not only make your case worse, it could place your life in jeopardy from other persons involved in the matter.

Meth Charges have risen to the top part of the list for drug crimes that get the most scrutiny and aggressive prosecution. From charges ranging from buying products used to manufacture meth to being tied to a meth lab, there are harsh penalties for meth charges in Georgia.

Marijuana Criminal Lawyers

Marijuana Charges are usually misdemeanor possession charges although we do defend clients charged with intent to distribute, growing marijuana, and involved in other activities that bring pot charges in Georgia. Marijuana charges may be accompanied by charges for possession of paraphernalia, probation violation or driving under the influence.

Narcotics Charges include a wide range of drugs including heroin, ecstasy, speed, hash, acid, PCP, and other substances. Charges for these types of drugs are certain to aggravate prosecutors and judges as they are deemed to be especially dangerous and highly undesirable. Having any of these substances in a volume that is being reasonable consideration of "personal use" will require a very aggressive criminal defense.

Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Paraphernalia Charges can be brought for possession of devices which are contaminated with THC, PCP, cocaine, meth, or other illegal substances. Police are very well trained on types of paraphernalia including bongs, power hitters, roach clips, glass pipes, wire mesh screens, steel wool filters, and various containers or methods used to conceal illegal substances.

A criminal conviction is a lifelong record. If you are convicted of a crime, even a seemingly minor offense, it has far reaching effects, and can cause long lasting personal damage. A criminal record can prevent you from getting a good job, cause loss of certain rights, and make you ineligible for some benefits. A criminal conviction typically includes fines, lengthy community service, and time in a jail or prison. The tales you've heard about jail time or life in prison are probably true. Don't gamble with your future, call us now.

Grisham, Poole & Carlile has drug charges defense lawyers with decades of experience. Our drug and marijuana defense experience ranges from representing clients charged with serious felonies such as trafficking and cultivation of marijuana, to common misdemeanor possesion of marijuana and paraphernalia. We have extensive litigation and jury trial experience. When you hire Grisham, Poole & Carlile you have taken a solid step towards achieving a successful outcome.

As your drug crime defense attorney, our goal is to help you walk away from any criminal charges by achieving dismissal of all charges, reduction of charges, or win an acquittal or not-guilty verdict in a trial. We do not believe that our purpose is to negotiate a guilty plea, however if this is what you choose to do, we can represent you to seek minimal penalties or alternative sentencing options.

If you are being investigated for, or charged with, any type of drug charges we recommend calling our law office as soon as possible. We understand the urgency of the matter, and respond quickly to all calls and online inquiries to hire a criminal defense lawyer. To get control of your situation CALL 678-880-9360 for a CONFIDENTIAL APPOINTMENT with a drug crimes defense attorney in Canton GA.