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Types of Adoption in Georgia

  • Agency Adoptions: This is perhaps the most common types of adoption. These private adoptions place children with adoptive parents after a screening process and legal paperwork.
  • Step-Parent Adoptions: A non-biological parent may want to formally establish a legal relationship to their spouse‚Äôs minor child. This is a common process for tightly-bonded mixed relationship marriages.
  • Relative Adoptions: For a number of reasons, a minor child may need to be placed in the care of a relative. In order to have appropriate legal authority, and establish a tighter bond, a relative may want to formally adopt the child. This is usually done by relatives that are closely related to the child such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles.
  • Adult Adoptions: An adult adoption is common where the adult has special needs from mental issues, physical disability, or similar impediments to living on their own. This enables the adopting person to make critical life decisions for the adoptee who otherwise would have to make their own decisions about medical care, finances, etc.

Adopting a Child

As a first-time adoptive parent, you might not be aware of the extent of legal problems that can arise throughout the process of adopting a child. As you enter into the process you should visit authority websites to learn about Georgia adoption laws.

For example, before you receive the child, the birth mother and father must sign a consent to adoption. If they both do not sign this, one or both of them could try to take the child away from you at a later date. This can obviously cause you inconsolable heartbreak. Additionally, before the birth of the child, you might agree to pay all or part of the birth mother’s living and hospital expenses. The birth mother might try to take advantage of your generosity. A regular lawyer might not pay enough attention to this. However, a lawyer will make sure that you do not end up paying for expenses outside of your agreement. Numerous other examples of legal problems arising from adoptions exist. Take the time now to hire the right adoption law firm so that you will save yourself money and heartbreak resulting from substandard legal representation.

Lawyers Can Properly Evaluate An Adoption Agency

You might be impressed with your chosen adoption agency. They might dazzle you with good references, professional brochures, and knowledgeable employees. However, while things might begin well, they can often go sour quickly if you do not have an experienced lawyer there to help you uncover important issues. These issues include birth family mental and physical health history and obvious indications that one or both of the birth parents will change their minds after the birth of the child.

Common Challenges Adoptive Parents Face

Some hospital staff member might try to change the mind of the birth parents. Well-meaning family members might also try to do the same. You need to have an adoption lawyer ready to handle these challenges as they arise to ensure that these issues are quickly addressed, and laid to rest before you take the child into your home and your heart.

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